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Being single and free take it's toll on anybody, just like now. Sure, I long for the excitement of being in a serious relationship. But I guess I've been hurt a couple of times and it takes a lot of effort on my part to start trusting again. Tonight though, I just want to be in the company of friends.
So, I set out to party along with my friends. We arrived at D'Scene just in time. The party was just starting to level-up. We went straight to the dance floor, I hate the thought of hanging out with strangers. Often than not, I get to draw attention from strangers at a party. That's why I always like to move whenever I'm into one. Like now, I just want to dance.
Suddenly, a swarm of cute butches came into our group. Damn! I don't want to be rude, I managed to smile at them and then continued dancing. She's cute, I told myself as I looked at my dancing partner. Hmmm.. not that bad, so we chatted while dancing. Does it ever occur to you how hard it is to talk while on the dance floor? But I have to enjoy myself or else this partying would all be in vain.
I happen to glance at the table near us, and boy was I surpised to see a familiar face. No, not simply familiar. She was someone special to me. Abie. She used to be "the one." I checked to see whom she's with, and I set a sigh of relief when I recognized Conz beside her. Then she noticed I was looking at her, I just nodded at her and looked at my dancing partner. That was close.
I decided to take a break. I excused myself and headed for an empty table. My dancing partner followed me, ordered a drink and then started a conversation. Oh well, here we go again. Then my friends arrived in time. Thank God! I don't want to be stuck in a conversation with a stranger all night. My friends were giddy, and one of them managed to get a glimpse of Abie who's table was just across our table. As expected, my friend found her cute and wanted to meet her.  So she asked me, "Do you know the cute one across the table? The one wearing a black long sleeved shirt with glasses?" I had to clear a lump on my throat as I said, "Yes." She got excited as she prodded me to introduce her to Abie.
"Please, I'd do anything you want. Just introduce me to her!"
"Do it yourself. If you really like her, go get her."
And that's what she did, what a flirt! Hmp! Funny, I still get affected by the thought that somebody is attracted to her. "This isn't a good sign", I told myself as I looked at my friend approach her. Abie is still as polite as she used to be, when my friend asked her to dance she obliged. I can feel my heart pounding as they head on to the dance floor. I can't help but look at them on the dance floor. And I must admit, I felt jealous. Damn!
After the dance, Abie escorted my friend back to the table. My friend introduced Abie to the rest of us.
"And this is Aileen, I believe you two know each other."
Abie just looked straight into my eye, smiled and then said "Yes."
She turned to me and said "How are you? It's been a long time."
I said poker-faced, "I'm okay. Perfectly okay."
She then reached out for my hand and said "Can I dance with you?"
I must admit I don't have the power to turn her down, I just got up took her hand and followed her lead. As I looked back, my friend was fuming by the recent development. She made faces at me as I walk along with Abie to the dance floor.
When we got there, a slow music started to play. "Yeah right, perfect timing," I murmured to myself.  She must've heard it because she let out a naughty smile, "You were saying?"
"Nothing, could we just dance?" I said.
Abie held me close and her face brushed against my cheek. I can feel my hands trembling, my heart almost skipping a beat as she held me close to her. I can feel her breathing in my ear.. then suddenly she said "I miss you."
She looked straight in my eye and then said, "I love you."
The next thing I knew we were at the dance floor kissing passionately as the onlookers cheered on.
Yes, she's still the one. No matter what I do, no matter how I try to fight it she will always be the one.

Abigail Cruz Oliva