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Inside ACO's Poetic Mind
On Love, Technology and LDR
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Data transmits at 54kbps
as I lay still, eyes transfixed
at the computer screen
waiting for our time
to finally come.
I constantly tap on my phone's keypad
trying to fit what I feel into 160 characters
definitely trying to bridge the distance
relying on technology to get to you.
The cursor on my PC animates
as I patiently wait..
the sand on the hourglass
constantly falls,
the waiting continues.
Email sent. Message sent.
Technology attempts to bring us closer
at 54kbps, at 160 characters per message
making us believe that it can bridge the gap
the distance between us.
But why do I continuously long for you?
Your smile, your touch, your kiss
the warmth of your embrace
your comforting words.
I miss you.

Abigail Cruz Oliva