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Weekends used to be the happiest day of my life. For I get to spend two whole days with my Mahal. But since she emigrated to the USA in November of last year, I dreaded the coming of weekends. There was a time when I would cry and think about the times we spent together, wishing and hoping that I was just in the middle of a dream and by the time I wake up, she would be by my side. But months passed and still, there was no Mahal on my side. I became used to just hearing her voice, reading her emails and stories sent through snail mail. And recently, through text messaging. That wonderful innovation brought about by the GSM technology.

I never knew how hard it was to be away from somebody you love until she left for another country.

I tried to divert my attention by writing poems, listening to music and watching TV. But everytime I get to recall our times together, the songs we listened to and TV programs we watched, it still pains me. And most of the time, it makes me cry.

For a year, we spent days and nights together. And it is hard adjusting to the kind of life that I am in right now, away from the love of my life. Literally, we were oceans apart. She's in the USA, I am in the Philippines.

And it finally dawned on me, I am in a long distance relationship. And I will do everything that I can to keep the relationship going. Because I love her. And I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I was watching 7th Heaven last weekend. The funny thing was, they were actually tackling Mary and Robbie's long distance relationship. Mary was in Buffalo, Robbie was in Glenoak. That's 3000 miles away. What a small distance compared to me and my Mahal! Yet they encounter problems that puts their relationship to the test. Mary bumped into an old boyfriend in Buffalo and harbored the thought of going out with him. She calls her family and asked them if she should tell Robbie about it. To which the whole family said YES! Long distance relationships are very tricky and complete honesty should be practiced at all times to make the relationship work, the whole family reasoned this out. But Mary doesn't think it was a good idea. She thinks it wouldn't hurt Robbie if she goes out with her old boyfriend. But still, due to her family's prodding, she called Robbie. While on the phone, even before she said a word, Robbie got excited telling her that he bumped into a lady at the basketball court  who looks exactly like Mary, and who loves doing the things Mary does. And her name's Marie! Mary used this chance to pick a fight with Robbie and hung up the phone on him. To which, as the story progressed, turned out to be Mary's way of washing away her guilt for wanting to go out with her old boyfriend. Which she actually did right after she hung up the phone and left Robbie on the other line, confused.

It just occurred to me, people at times act on their emotions without even thinking what the consequences of their actions would be. At the spur of the moment, one's anger, hurt, and despair can be turned into something that will change their lives forever. Call it plain stubborness, an act to despise the other person, or revenge, the truth of the matter is we sometimes find some reason to justify our actions so as not to make us feel the guilt. We do this not because we love our significant others' less, but we sometimes tend to test the other person's love for us. How far would she go to accept your flaws? Will she fight back if you provoke her? How deep is her love for you? There are a lot of reasons why people do this to the ones they love. What if she does not fight back? Does that mean she doesn't love you? Does that make you feel that she doesn't care? Ask yourselves.

And so back to 7th Heaven, Robbie told Marie that much as he wanted to stay friends with her, he doesn't want to jeopardize his relationship with Mary. A very tough act huh? But she loves Mary so much and he doesn't want anything to come in their way, specially when they are 3000 miles apart. Whew! What a guy! I admire him.

As for Mary, oh well, I guess I have to watch 7th Heaven's episode on Saturday. Last week's episode ended with Robbie confronting Mary about her going out with her old boyfriend without even telling him.

Keeping a long distance relationship entails complete trust and honesty. Yeah, that episode reminded me that. Oh yeah, and another thing. Much to my surprise, I don't dread the thought of the weekend coming anymore. And that's because of the Camden's. True enough, 7th Heaven made me want weekends to come.

Abigail Cruz Oliva