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Inside ACO's Poetic Mind
In Silence, I Grieve
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As I sit here under the moonlit skies
I wonder why we ever have to part
I can feel the pain in my heart
Piercing, striking the very core of my being
For I cannot be with you tonight.
As you lay in your bed with another
My heart bleeds, for I know in your heart
it is me that you love.
Yet you must be with him.
I may be silent, but I am breaking.
I may not show it, but I am crying.
How long do we have to endure this suffering?
Days, months, years, decades may come but I
will go on living, I can bear this suffering.
For I know I will live and see the day when
you will be free from that bondage.
And we will go on living.

Abigail Cruz Oliva