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Inside ACO's Poetic Mind
Yearning for Tomorrow With You
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I am yearning for the day
when I could hold you in my arms
keep you safe from harm
shelter you with the warmth of my love.
Far apart, our love sustains the distance
bridges the gap, fulfills the promise
of a brighter tomorrow in blissful union.
Pain may find its way to my heart
as I feel you crying, longing.
But let me shower you with memories
and dreams of our future together.
Our love will stand the test of time and space.
It is beyond infinity. For our souls are in union
with the universe. Ever since the world began,
you and me are destined to be together.
Let us relive the love we have yesterday,
savor the gift of the present, look forward to the future
as the realization of our union
awaits the day when the universe celebrates
as we become one.


Abigail Cruz Oliva