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Compeletely, I lay down my guards
as I walk through the path
towards our dreams.
With all my heart, I give you my love
as I traverse the unknown road
that leads to your door.
I hold the key to your heart,
This is I know and believe.
The happiness I bring sends forth
overflowing emotions,
they sometimes leave us crying
as we await the fulfillment of our vision.
I will love you forever, hold you close to my heart
as I battle all the hardships life has to bring.
For your endless love gives me comfort and peace
amidst the pain and the suffering,
as the pangs of loneliness
keeps lurking behind my back
as I walk the road that leads to you.
I will love you until my heart stops beating,
and if death should bring me unto your door
a promise I shall made and cast unto the earth.
My soul will seek you wherever you may be,
for my spirit will only rest if you are with me.

11 December 2001

Abigail Cruz Oliva