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Tomorrow in Your Heart
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Look not with hatred, today is here.
Yesterday is history, let it be.
The future lies ahead, tomorrow will come.
And the beauty of life comes dawning
in your eyes, in your heart.

For tomorrow, a part of me will rejoice
as you regain the consciousness of your being.
Of me and you, living together as one.

In union with the universe, our hearts beat.
In rhythmic proportions, in joyful beat.
Thump! Thump! Our heart sings with gladness
as the beauty of the morning unfolds
as we comfort each other through all these madness.

In your arms, I am born again.
In your love, I feel liberty.
Free from the bondage of hatred and fear.
You found me, I embraced you.
And we remain, forever entwined.
Tomorrow and beyond, our hearts beat as one

29 January 2002

Abigail Cruz Oliva