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Inside ACO's Poetic Mind
In Memoriam
About ACO
My Heart & Soul
Mga Tula in Filipino
Mga Tula in English
Mga Tula in Iloko
Mula sa Baul
Mga Bagong Likha

As I speak to you in silence
only the wind touches you
and the inner feelings that lie within you.
As I let the shadow of my past escape,
the fear that comes from within
falters to the ground.
Helpless souls of the night
howls in pain.
Vanity comes from the valley
of the goddesses
as they unleash the fruit of their sins.
Pain and suffering for all humankind
that is the curse.
Hello to the world that has brought you
the freedom from bondage and the slavery
of the faith, cast not unto them all the hatred.
They are the souls of the battered.
The life of the dead.
The death of the living.